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At Sansi hotels, we look after your health! You are our priority!

Since the beginning of COVID 19, our hotel has adopted measures to guarantee the health of all our workers and clients. We are aware of the enormous importance that our clients feel safe and calm in our hotel. For this reason, our hotel has created a sanitary protocol, under the name "stay safe with sansi", following the most demanding instructions from specialized bodies in the field to deeply disinfect our facilities and rooms. Indeed, the application of these measures is what makes us deserving of the Safe Accommodation certificate.

Below we list some of the measures adopted to Contain and Reduce the Risk of Contagion by COVID-19.

a) Common areas and Hotel

  1. Installation of protection screens in the Reception area.
  2. Mandatory use of masks and gloves by all our staff during the working day.
  3. Hourly disinfection of our common areas, such as elevators, reception desk. (including doorknobs, elevator buttons and any other surface or object that is available to everyone). As well as ventilation of the same.
  4. Points with hydroalcoholic gel in the reception area, elevators and breakfast area.
  5. Key disinfection before the key is delivered to the customer.
  6. Our elevators can only be occupied by one person, with the exception of those who usually live together.
  7. Disinfection of tpv and common elements after each client uses it.
  8. The breakfast service is served individually and sealed.
  9. Redesign of the cafeteria area to ensure social distancing and limit contact between customers.
  10. Machine wash of any glassware and crockery utensil (glasses, cups, etc.) at high temperature.
  11. Distribution of the space of the rooms to ensure and control the capacity and the minimum safety distances between people.

 b) Rooms

  1. Washing of bed linen and towels at temperatures above 60º and with specific products for disinfection.
  2. Establishment of the 3-day period between the departure of one client and the entry of the next.
  3. Use of disinfectant and specialized products against COVID 19, both in the room and in the sink.
  4. Reinforcement in the ventilation of the rooms.
  5. All the blankets in the closet are protected.
  6. Protected television control
  7. The cleaning staff will not agree to provide room service without him / clients leaving the room.
All these measures are currently operational at our facilities and our entire team receives ongoing training. l We carry out a rigorous control and monitoring of compliance with them through periodic audits to guarantee your safety.

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